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When we first opened Guild Press of Indiana, the predecessor of Hawthorne Publishing, in 1987, our books were set by a downtown printer who had a linotype on the floor of his print shop. I myself had learned to set type from lower and upper cases, pulling letters out by hand for headlines on the Butler Collegian.

In the 30 years of our book publishing operation, Art and I have moved through hiring typesetting done, using the first Apple 2C for manuscript prep, learning to use computer typesetting and finally seeing the advent of direct PDF printing. And now we enter the modern age with our Hawthorne website.

Our wonderful Hawthorne authors have had fantastic experiences with books in the last five years or so: they have taken their books to the public and met wonderful people. They have shared their subjects and had funny, rich and rewarding experiences with book-loving audiences. They have a lot to share. You can read their blog entries here. We welcome you to add your comments on our books or any subject relating to the changing publishing world.

Nancy N. Baxter
Senior Editor, Hawthorne Publishing

Hawthorne Publishing is one of three traditional publishers in Indiana, having been in the small-press publishing business for over 30 years. We are the successor to Guild Press of Indiana, which published over 150 books about Indiana history and culture. Book awards include Waldenbooks Preferred Reader Selection; Indiana State Library Center for the Book Best Book contest; and National Federation of Presswomen Best Book, Library Journal.

Arthur Baxter is the president of Hawthorne Publishing.
Nancy Niblack Baxter is Senior Editor.