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DayataTimeOn September 27, 2017, I will be in Cincinnati when Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and the city council will honor Doris Day at a special ceremony.  Doris is no doubt one of the most famous celebrities who claim Cincy as their home. She may well be the most famous!

I have been a devoted fan since age 9 when I first saw Doris in Calamity Jane and the rest is history.

Three years ago I was giving one of my “A Day to Remember: Doris Day” programs at an upscale retirement community in Cincinnati.  After I spoke, a Dr. Bob Maltz, approached me and said he shared my mutual admiration for Miss Day.  During our conversation Bob relayed his idea/dream of having the city of Cincinnati honor home town girl, Doris Day.   He had the idea for several years, but said he wasn’t getting anywhere.  He asked if I would help him see this through. Of course I would.

Bob has many contacts and finally was able to present his idea to P.G. Sittenfeld , a city of Cincinnati council member since 2011.  It just so happens that P.G.’s parents are big Doris Day fans, which turned out to be an added bonus in making this happen. Thanks to P. G. Sittenfeld, the idea was approved! The city of Cincinnati was willing to honor one of their most famous citizens, on the condition that they obtain some kind of recognition from Miss Day, which is totally understandable.  That was our next mission.

I have not had contact with Doris or her staff for many years, but thought of contacting fellow animal lover and actress Jackie Joseph, who co-starred with Doris in her “Doris Day Show” sitcom at CBS. I phoned Jackie, explained the situation and the need to get this to the proper people in order for the plan to go through. It happened.

On Monday, August 28th I received a call from Bob, who was overjoyed in telling me the city of Cincinnati will officially honor Doris Day on Wednesday, September 27th – details to come.  I was thrilled with the news and began thinking of media and people to contact.  You know the old saying, “If you throw enough spaghetti on the wall, some is going to stick.” Right now we are awaiting final plans with all the details on exactly what, when and where everything will take place on that day.  I have been asked to say a few words.  This is going to be a wonderful tribute to a multi-talented and gracious lady—Miss Doris Day. A street will be named for her: Doris Day Way!

by Mary Anne Barothy

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