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Cliches Not Allowed

Cliches not allowed at Hawthorne Publishing, which should not be allowed in the world at large

Avoid like the plague in writing and speaking:

Use of “Absolutely” to answer a question. Suggestion: just “Yes.”

Use of “amazing” to show something is excellent. Suggestions, “superlative,” “outstanding,” “exceedingly good.” “memorable” “remarkable” “worthy of note” “wonderful”

“Fantastic” Same drill.

Use of “like” as you stop in between clauses in spoken English. Just program your brain not to do this and see what happens.

If you want to be original, don’t use these words or phrases at all: Most were clever the first time we heard them:

Jump start (a situation)

I have your back                                                         heads up

Boots on the ground                                                   back story

“HellO” to mean Wake up or This is obvious.            In the day

No way, Way!                                                             Developing story! and Breaking News!

Get your ducks in a row                                             connect the dots

Soldiering on

Old-fashioned cliches to avoid (there are hundreds more)

Burning midnight oil

Wiggle room

Can’t tell a book by its cover (not true anyway)

It’s always darkest just before the dawn

Back seat driver

Ball is in your court

Barge right in

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beggars can’t be choosers

Best laid plans of mice and men

Bet your bottom dollar

(and these are only a few of the “B’s” in a list Googled on the net.) You get the idea.

Nancy Niblack Baxter is senior editor at Hawthorne Publishing and author of books featured on this site. Click back to order Baxter’s books Gallant Fourteenth: The Story of an Indiana Civil War Regiment; The Dream Divided: Indiana in the Civil War a Novel; The Martin Guards: Company C of the Fourteenth Indiana Regiment and The Woods at Acorn Camp: A year’s Journal of an Everyday Christian Scientist