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Excellence in Publishing – Indiana State Library Book Finalist Awarded

Growing up with Bakers Corner Wins!

Winning isn’t everything, as we always tell our children. But winning awards in the publishing world is something we all appreciate, even covet. What awards mean is that the quality level you establish for your book-publishing venture is recognized by the larger world.

Hawthorne Publishing and its parent company Guild Press of Indiana have won many awards and they reinforce our drive for excellence. As one of three traditional publishers in Indiana, the other two being Indiana University Press and the third Indiana Historical Society Press, Hawthorne works to stand out when readers consider the subject of our books, the uniqueness and creativity of our presentations, the importance of the book to the state, and the finished product: excellence in graphics, text polished and cutting-edge covers.

Growing Up with Bakers Corner: Mary Elizabeth Wilson a Hamilton County, Indiana, Life has just been named one of four finalists in the Indiana State Library Center for the Book contest, 2011. The editors of the book, Ellen Swain and Carol Longenecker gathered the lifetime writings of Ellen’s great aunt (Carol’s grandmother) into a memoir of life in a changing small town 1907 into this new century.

Here is what the judge said about the book: Growing up with Bakers Corner is a marvelous book that is well written and well documented. . .This book is a great addition to the select group of contest finalists because it is so terrifically Indiana in its very essence. . . Editors Carol Stewart Longenecker and Ellen D. Swain should be commended on their ability to elegantly organize these many stories and anecdotal thoughts into an engaging and fluid read.

Growing Up with Bakers Corner  is available for purchase on our website.

Awards:  Indiana Presswomen’s Association Best Non-fiction book, Mary Anne Barothy, Day at a Time: An Indiana Girl’s Sentimental Journey to Doris Day’s Hollywood and Beyond; national award runner-up 2007.  Other awards our publishing companies have earned through the years are the Waldenbooks Preferred Reader Selection, Mid-Atlantic States, The Movers by Nancy Baxter; American Presswomen’s Association Best Historical Novel 1994 Nancy Baxter Lords of the Rivers.  Guild Press put out Barbara Shoup’s Vermeer’s Daughter and won Best Adult Books for High School Students, School Library Journal, 2003 and YA Top 40 Fiction Titles, Pennsylvania School Librarian’s Association, 2003, Woman’s Press Club first place in Young Adult Books-Fiction, 2009, World’s Tallest Woman: The Giantess of Shelbyville High, by Rita Rose.