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Surviving as a program-oriented author during the Pandemic

by Mary Anne Barothy, author of Day at a Time: An Indiana Girl’s Sentimental Journey to Doris Day’s Hollywood and Beyond

Doris Day sang “Ready, Willing & Able” in her 1954 “Young at Heart” movie co-starring Frank Sinatra. I can certainly identify with the title: Like many other people, my life has changed dramatically since early 2020. While I had high hopes and expectations in 2020 to continue extending my authoring career, it hasn’t been anything like that. Instead, it’s been a very strange and unusual year for me—and all.

Since 2007 I have been “on the road” around the country sharing my “Dream Come True Story with Doris Day,” telling how I, as a young, star-struck fan of the famous movie star, living in Indianapolis, followed my dream and ended up in Doris Day’s home. But since the Covid plague hit early this year, all venues are in lockdown, not scheduling outside presentations.  One was set for this past May, but it was canceled.  Talk about disappointing! Fortunately, it is being rescheduled for 2021 on Zoom. I look forward to mastering this new way to present my Doris Day story, but really prefer the in-person contact with my audiences. I bring numerous photos of Doris I have taken over the years, along with memorable correspondence with her and even one of her cute hats she gave me.  People LOVE to see my candid photos and memorabilia and hear my personal stories with “The Girl Next Door.” I’m praying next year will open up. We all have high hopes and believe it will, with vaccines right around the corner.

The second edition of Day at a Time was released earlier this year with many color photos and updates. I truly enjoy sharing my incredible story and hope to inspire others to live their dream. I tell them, “Go for it.”

As I jog in place and think about a better year ahead, I can console myself with wonderful memories from the “Doris circuit” I’ve already experienced—friends of Doris and those who are connected. I’ve had the extreme honor of meeting with, and becoming a good friend of, a dear lady from Doris Day’s early life in Cincinnati. Marian, now 101, was in the horrific train wreck with Doris in 1937. Doris suffered several injuries including a broken leg which changed her career as a dancer to that of a singer. Marian went through the windshield in that crash, but both survived, thank God. Another memorable event was meeting Dr. Bob Maltz, an avid DD fan at one of my presentations in Cincinnati. His goal was to have the city of Cincinnati honor Doris and he asked me to help. Mission accomplished. On September 27, 2017, the City of Cincinnati officially proclaimed DORIS DAY DAY !  It was an honor to be a small part of this historic event.

We need POSITIVE stories now, more than ever.  And I as an author need to share my story and make my book available. I am Ready, Willing and Able to tell it! Hopefully, the new year will find opportunities opening up to welcome the presentation.  I can be contacted via my website:
or at:

Mary Anne and Brenda Lee

Life does go on, however. I’ve been involved in celebrity radio for some years now. I look forward to recording my “Benda Lee Hour” every month on  It airs the second Thursday of each month @ 3pm EST & 8pm EST with encores through Sunday. Fans of this celebrity can check the website for additional days and times. As a fan, I had the pleasure of meeting Brenda years ago at several appearances in Indianapolis, including the Indiana State Fair and Beef & Boards when she was on the road.  For the past several years I have hosted “The Brenda Lee Hour,” thanks to Keith Angstadt, VP/Broadcasting Director, who founded Baltimore Net Radio ( over 12 years ago.  It just so happened I was introduced to Keith a little over 10 years ago thru a Doris Day connection. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting up with Brenda in Nashville, Tennessee, for a memorable lunch and visit.  Talk about “Little Miss Dynamite,” Brenda Lee truly is a fun-loving and delightful person, and I enjoy hosting my monthly show and look forward to sharing more interviews with her on the air. TV channels at this time of year feature Brenda singing the all-time Christmas favorites.

As we approach 2021, let us hope and pray that the new year will be more positive than 2020.  I am eager to be on the road again with my Doris Day talks….Que, sera, sera!

Day at a Time: An Indiana Girl’s Sentimental Journey to Doris Day’s Hollywood and Beyond can be purchased with a click back to the Website.