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The Army Women’s Foundation Hall of Fame Inducts Our Author Colonel Janet Horton – Her Own Account:

On March 7th 2019 I* had the joy of being inducted into the US Army Women’s Foundation Hall of Fame at the Russell Senate Office Building in The Kennedy Caucus Room. Congressman Chris Stewart and BG Anne Macdonald, USA Ret. and Jim Beamesderfer, the VP of Veterans initiatives, Prudential, officiated at the ceremony. Thirty women were honored as scholarship recipients.  14 women were honored as firsts in their branch of service or specialties.

*[Colonel Janet Horton entered the service in the 1970s as one of the first women chaplains in the Armed Forces.]

BG (Ret) Clara Adams-Ender, first Army Nurse to command as a general officer.
BG Collen L. McGuire, first woman provost marshall  first woman Commander of CID
CSM (Ret) Billie Jo Boersma,  first female command sergeant major of an infantry brigade combat team
CW5 Sharon Swartworth,  (posthumously) active Army CW5.
Maj Helen Loretta Holmes,  (posthumously) WACC public Relations Officer 1942
CPT Lauran Glover,   1st woman drill commander of US Drill Team, (The Old Guard)

The First Woman Army Chaplains

Ms. Ella Gibson Hobart  (posthumously)  Civil War chaplain of 1st Wisconsin Regiment of heavy Artillery

Rev. Alice Henderson,  first woman to officially serve in the US Army Chaplain Corps  served 13yrs.

Chaplain (Col) (Ret) Janet Horton,  First woman chaplain to be promoted to Colonel, first to serve as a woman Division and then Corps Chaplain.

Rabbi (Col) (Ret.) Bonnie Koppell,  first female Army Rabbi.
Ch (CPT) Mel O’Mally,  South Central Chaplain Recruiting Team.
Ch (CPT) Vivian Keady Yanquoi-West, first female chaplain assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division.
Ch (CPT) Alison and LeAnne Ward, first “sisters” to serve as Army Chaplains  USA

The ceremony also honored The Hello Girls, who were really America’s first women soldiers. These were 223 American Signal Corps women telephone operators deployed to France in WWI,  connecting 26 million calls. They finally received their thanks 60 years later, recognized as veterans and receiving their benefits.

There were a few other honorees that support the Foundation financially and in other ways.

About 250 people attended. It was a warm and caring ceremony that truly honored women who have serve the US Army and their country.  The stories of what they went through simply to serve and how humbly they did so with little or no recognition were touching.   Yet they served because they loved what they were being asked to do.  We chaplains served because of our of love for God and country.


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