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What Fascinates Us About Hughes Aircraft?

Our book on Hughes Aircraft, As I Remember: A walk Through My Years at Hughes Aircraft 1961-1997  by Scott Walker, continues to sell on the internet and through Amazon. Obviously people looking for information on Hughes Aircraft surf the net and come to us. What is so interesting about this corporation?

First, let’s face it, people are interested in Howard Hughes. This man is a sort of dark legend. In American history one can compare him to other mysterious famous science eccentrics like Samuel Colt, Edwin Hubble, or Sigmund Freud (create your own list). His phenomenal success in flying and founding Hughes Aviation, his bizarre love affairs and habits and final reclusiveness, in which he would not touch a doorknob without first wiping it off—have made him a legend edged in mystery.

But it is after Howard Hughes left Hughes that the story gets even more significant, and many people seem to appreciate that story. Walker, who was a top executive at Hughes for over thirty-five years, supervised some of the most important defense projects in the history of the twentieth century. When Walker joined the company it had grown from 3,000 employees in 1950 to over 30,000 by the time he came. He helped supervise the construction for the U. S. government of air-to-surface missiles at the Missile Systems Division at Canoga Park. He supervised “conceptual design,” supervising the Maverick and the Imaging, infra-red Maverick. The story of some aborted projects the company ditched is interesting in this narrative, too. The company’s successes are phenomenal, especially in light of the recent Middle East warfare challenges. This is up-to-the minute stuff. Readers care about it.

But Scott Walker and the company, along with its other employees, evolved into electronics with state-of-the art research and development. Metal oxide semi-conductor chip experimentation and development followed along with many other scientific breakthrough product lines including the electronic car. Those interested in Delco Electronics, which was a part of later Hughes enterprises, find information here also.

AsIRememberAny of these topics is enough to set people thinking and put Hughes Aircraft on the screen  for people seeking information on inventions and products which changed America’s life and history.

So Hughes Aircraft, now a part of other enterprises, sail on! Readers will always enjoy hearing about you.

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Nancy Baxter, Senior Editor, Hawthorne Publishing