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Who were Indiana’s All Time Best High School Basketball Players?

Hoosiers All 2nd EditionEmerson Houck is the author of Hoosiers All: Indiana High School Basketball Teams and the “Dean” of information on small and large teams from the earliest days of hoop sport in the Hoosier state. His collected minutia is part of a growing database on hoop history held at the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, the IHSAA and in the memories and hearts of thousands of older Hoosiers from Angola to Evansville, from Danville to Rising Sun. Feel free to contribute your own team facts to one of these sources. Em Houck’s email is listed below. And suggest your own best player to us here at Hawthorne Publishing or to Emerson Houck.


houckI have taken my hand at listing the players I would grant  the “best ever”  accolade to in the second edition of my book  Hoosiers All which any Indiana high school basketball fan ought to have in his library. I have come up with 18 names, a fairly long list, but even with that many I have left off some pretty good players. Why not Mike Connelly, Bobby Plump, Shawn Kemp, Zach Randolph, Bill Garrett, the Van Arsdales, Kent Benson, Don Buse, and…well you get the idea. It’s always dangerous to compare players from different generations, of course. Was Ted Williams or Joe Di Maggio a better hitter than Albert Pujols or Miguel Cabrera? I prefer to have some representation from every era and my list begins with Homer Stonebraker who led Wingate to two consecutive state championships in 1913 and 1914 and includes Fuzzy Vandivier whose Franklin teams were called the Wonder Five and won three straight titles, 1920-22.

You can see them all and compare them to your own choices if you get the book. The hardcover is  available from for $35 and the soft cover at $25 from Hawthorne Publishing