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Who Were the Best Indiana High School Pure Shooters of all Time?

The other day I was enjoying lunch with Ray Pavy and two of my other good New castle friends when the topic came up about the Church Street Shootout, that February 20 night in 1959 when Ray scored 51 points and Kokomo’s Jimmy Rayl came up with 49 as the Trojans defeated the Wildcats in that classic 92-81 game the year before the world’s largest and finest high school field house was opened.
Ray said he was surprised to learn how many points either he or Jimmy had scored because he was concentrating so hard on the game itself. Someone asked Ray who he thought the best pure shooters in the history of Indiana high school basketball were and he said he could only comment on the ones he had actually seen play but he thought he would put Jimmy Rayl at the top of the list, right before Rick Mount of Lebanon and New castle’s own Steve Alford. Everyone felt those were good names but maybe Oscar Robertson and Larry Bird should get some consideration as well.
Sam Alford happened by and we asked him his opinion and he said the best he had ever seen was Kellen Dunham when he was at Pendleton Heights. Had he forgotten some one close to him, he was asked? He then agreed that his son Steve should indeed be on any short list of Indiana’s greatest pure shooters.  Steve, Ray, Oscar, Larry and Rick are all on my list of All Time Indiana High School All Stars in the second edition of my book “Hoosiers All”, a must to have in the library of any Indiana high school basketball fan. Available in hard cover at $35 from or soft cover at $25 from Hawthorne Publishing on this website! Flash back now and order this classic of all basketball classics.
Emerson Houck