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“I enjoyed your book on three levels... Refreshed my memories of a fine company,  reading how your career grew over time, and enjoyed how you set high standards for executive management."—Comments of a retired Hughes Aircraft senior executive

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As I Remember: A Walk Through My Years at Hughes Aircraft 1961-1997 by Scott Walker

This book details Indiana resident Scott Walker’s personal story: 37 years in top positions at Hughes Aircraft and GM Hughes Electronics.

As I Remember: A Walk Through My Years at Hughes Aircraft 1961-1997 provides previously unrecorded accounts by this senior executive at Hughes Aircraft starting in 1961, through his long career in a company which often stayed out of the spotlight. Walker gives an insider’s view of affairs both before and after the company was acquired by General Motors and renamed GM Hughes Electronics. Topics include the development of the Navy’s Phoenix missile, the Maverick family of air-to-surface missiles, the introduction of gate array semiconductors for military application, the use of maquiladora assembly, and the development of large scale air defense systems for NATO, the UK, and Saudi Arabia.

Also included are Hughes radar programs for Taiwan, air traffic control systems for Canada, and a number of other programs from the viewpoint of Walker’s own participation, including his time as president of two of the company’s major business segments.

As a member of the top-level management committee of the $15 billion company, Walker discusses his corporate role in the integration of Delco Electronics in Kokomo into GM Hughes Electronics and his role in the development of advanced automobile electronics. Scott Walker’s memoirs move rapidly, with interesting and often amusing side stories, and provide an entertaining look at a company founded by Howard Hughes that became one of the world’s largest military and satellite electronics companies.