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"The real, not the screen Doris. I hung onto every word and love Doris all the more after reading it. I am purchasing several for gifts."—A fan

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This newly released second edition of Day at a Time contains updating material and a new color photo section of photos taken by Mary Anne Barothy in the years she served Doris in her home as her secretary. Doris often informally posed.

As years have passed, the information about Doris as a person and philanthropist has become more precious; Her value as a contributor to society and outstanding individual has served as an example for others. This new edition, told by someone with a unique experience with Doris, touches on the star as an inspiring woman.

Doris Day was at an apex moment of her career and personal life in the years 1969-1974. Completing a cycle of some of the most popular films in history, she lost her third husband, Marty Melcher just before she began work on a TV series, “The Doris Day Show.” She was just beginning to re-bond with her son Terry and to cultivate her life-long interest in the humane treatment and care of animals.

The star needed a secretary, and she hired Mary Anne Barothy, one of her most devoted fans, who had had experience as an Indianapolis newspaper reporter. Mary Anne spent four years as Doris’s secretary, two of those years in the star’s home. As the only person beside a relative to live in Doris Day’s home and experience the star’s personal life and career moves first-hand, Mary Anne Barothy’s story has unique appeal.