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Used in hundreds of classrooms and libraries in Indiana as the primary source for biographies of famous Hoosiers.

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Now available only from Hawthorne Publishing!

Indiana Legends is the best-selling and most praised book about well known Indiana people ever published—thousands of copies sold.

The books stimulated a reaffirmation of Indiana’s contribution to the achievements of America in film, literature, sports, the arts and politics.

This 4th edition of Indiana Legends features more than 160 famous Hoosiers, with new material and updated profiles. Look for Peyton Manning, former Indianapolis Colts quarterback; Mother Theodore Guerin, recently made a saint by the Catholic Church; Reggie Miller, former Indianapolis Pacers star; Jeff Gordon, Nascar champ; Florence Henderson, TV actress; Nancy Noel, artist; Jim Davis the creator of Garfield; David Wolf, astronaut; and John Mellencamp, musician, among the stars from all fields in this book.