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The Ball family of Muncie is one of America’s great industrial families. This story is part of their early history—both a story of a family and of a town, Muncie Indiana and the trail beyond Muncie, which this talented and well-known daughter took.

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This classic about the daughter of a famous family, the Balls of glass jar—now aerospace—corporate fame has been out of print for years. Now it is an e-book, the story of Lucina in her growing up years as the daughter of William Ball, second generation of the founding brothers. But the story goes on as Lucina tells of her musical career with stars such as Queen Mario, the loss of her surgeon husband in the World War II Kamikaze attack on the hospital ship Comfort and how she picked up the pieces for a new life. Small-town America in the 1920s, the arts awakening of Indianapolis, and how a life of privilege matured into a life of hard, inspired work and public service.