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The Miamis, illustrated by prize-winning historical illustrator Richard Day is now an e-book. The book was for years a much-valued resource for 4th grade teachers. It was prepared with tribal leaders in Indiana at the time it was written. The Miamis is a fine read for both children and adults.

Asondaki, a 13-year-old Miami boy, sits with his mother Matakwapaminji around a campfire near Kekionga, Ft. Wayne in the years following the Revolution. Members of the tribe: priest, Little Turtle, Crane Girl, and Asondaki and his mother themselves tell stories of Native American history in Indiana, crafts, folklore from their heritage, and a month in the wild each child takes.

Nancy Baxter is the 2000 recipient of the Eli Lilly Lifetime Achievement Award in history of the Indiana Historical Society.