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“It is apparent in reading the book that careful research went into it. It is documented and has many photographs.” — a reader of the first edition.

Books: Hometown Indiana

Anneliese (Lee) Krauter, an Indiana resident since the 1950s, has written a compelling memoir of her “other life,” which was as a young German/American girl in America during World War II. From the Heart’s Closet tells the story of her life with her mother and father and brother, who were eager to live the American dream but also active in the German/American section of New York City as World War II came. After her father, Otto, was unjustifiably and unknowingly accused of harboring a spy by the FBI, the family was interned at Crystal City Texas along with other German and Japanese families. Repatriated to Germany, they arrived and settled as bombs were falling, near the end of the war. This lively, well written book goes on to tell of Lee’s marriage to a soldier of the occupation, who had grown up in tiny Sidney, Indiana, and the family’s return to America, one by one to take up their lives. Full of heart, passion and courage, this book has pleased and informed hundreds of readers.

Lee Krauter has become a speaker and expert on the human side of the German-American experience in America during the Second World War.