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“The most complete historical book ever written about high school basketball in the State of Indiana. It is GREAT!”— Roger Dickinson, Executive Director (retired) Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame


Books: Hometown Indiana

The first edition of Hoosiers All: Indiana High School Basketball Teams has become an Indiana cultural icon. Our best-selling book, and among the top regional sellers in Indiana during the past four years, it has chronicled the love affair our state has had with its high school basketball teams: their mascots, their logos, their great years, and their outstanding coaches through one-hundred years of balls bouncing against backboards.

Now the first edition of Hoosiers All  is sold out and a new edition offers more information on the 1,200 beloved teams, both active today and long-gone. Five hundred forty pages of team records are here as well as sectional performances, many old school photos, lion and tin can and penguin mascots, cheerleaders from the 1940s, and informational and sometimes odd stories of the towns which spawned the teams. The book continues where the first edition leaves off. Scores and statistics, expanded team descriptions in some cases and a whole new cover and chapter “What We Learned” expand the good stuff. Go Redkey Wolves and Odon Bulldogs and Monon Railroaders and if you’re now gone (as these are) go eternally adoring fans!