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The only book to document and commemorate the experience of tens of thousands of Hoosiers during the Civil War who did not go to the battlefields, but stayed to guard the home territory. The book describes all the political intrigues and actions that went along with the conflict in Indiana.

Books: Indiana Civil War

Over 50,000 men in Indiana served during the Civil War to form one of the Union’s strongest militias—The Indiana Legion. Often vilified as “shirkers” by the soldiers at the front, the Indiana Legion nevertheless performed credible services such as spying at the border with Kentucky, chasing and fighting with Rebels in Kentucky in the Perryville campaign, and repelling the invasion of John Hunt Morgan in 1863. The Legion also served as guards at Indiana prisoner-of-war camps. This introductory story of the Indiana Legion surveys their purpose, inception, activities and challenges, often telling the men’s story in their own words. Reproduction of several official Legion documents and photos and career summaries of its two military commanders are included.