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Books: Winds of Change

This is not your usual “Road to Faith” story. . .

It’s neither a “Redeemed from Wild Living” or a “Living the Perfect Christian Life” book. It’s the story of a little girl whose family didn’t go to church, who sat and watched televangelists telling their stories. She found herself wanting to “be a Christian,” and then took it from there.

Chasing God: Finding Faith from the Outside Looking In is Tracy Line’s odyssey to Christian belief taken on her own, really traveling only with God. It’s a trip through finding a mentor in a childhood friend, through feeling uncomfortable at church camp when everybody in the room stood up to “get saved,” to the visit of the minister her mother had called when she was off the track in high school. Her search, which continues through young motherhood and maturing faith, becomes the reader’s own. There are no easy answers in this book. Instead, it offers frank, honest talk about how to persist in the search for a close and meaningful relationship with a loving God, even if it is ultimately largely lived out on one’s own.

Questions at the end of each chapter for Bible Study Groups.