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Books: Winds of Change

Janet Horton was one of the first women chaplains in the US military. Men in the armed forces were not easily accepting women in the days of challenge and change in the 1970s. Some officers and enlisted men, even among the chaplaincy, refused to respect women chaplains. Both officers and men sometimes mocked, demeaned and threatened Horton in her work of comforting army personnel, uplifting morale and conducting Christian religious services. Being in the small Christian Science denomination did not help things for this woman, who, unusually for a woman, prevailed and achieved the rank of colonel. This really is the story of how deep faith in the promises of the Gospel and the idea of unselfish service, patience, and smart and capable performance changed minds and hearts of many in the military. Pioneers often have to run races and climb hurdles; this is that story told in a winning and inspiring way.

Janet Horton was present at the Pentagon on 9/11 and was part of a chaplains’ team which prayed with victims, aided families, and accompanied the mortuary squad into the building, thus honoring her fellow soldiers in an unforgettable way.