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On a snowy day one hundred years ago Adam Dickey walked up the driveway to the Chestnut Hill estate near Boston to begin his service as secretary to Mary Baker Eddy, the leader of the Christian Science movement. As he went about his daily life during the next three years at Chestnut Hill, Dickey kept journal notes of conversations and spiritual lessons with Mrs. Eddy as well as routine happenings and some difficulties in “the household.” He also recorded Mrs. Eddy’s handling of business affairs of the Christian Science movement which was by now a world-wide phenomenon.

These recently recovered journal notes, along with Dickey’s personal letters home and photos of his life at Chestnut Hill, over 125 pages of invaluable historical documents reproduced exactly and transcribed, are included for the first time in a new edition of the popular book Mr. Dickey: Secretary to Mary Baker Eddy.

Mr. Dickey: Secretary to Mary Baker Eddy [Second Edition] With a Chestnut Hill Album contains:

  • Dickey’s biography as Part I of the book
  • A Chestnut Hill Album Part II [replacing Dickey’s Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy]. It includes-
  • Dickey’s selective, detailed notes recording Mrs. Eddy’s morning meditations with her household over a period of two years reproduced from the original transcriptions.
  • Photos of the household “family” and the mansion through several seasons as taken by Dickey and his wife Lillian, also part of the household.
  • Commentary on the journal entries by Baxter and Christian Science historian Keith McNeil, who owns the collection and has made it available to the public through this book.

To read this Chestnut Hill album is to step inside a world-famous home and personally experience the day-today life of the a strong, decisive and deeply spiritual leader of Christian Science movement and her “family” in her last, challenging years.

The spiritual lessons and new information in these entries are inspiring and invaluable.