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Books: Winds of Change

Set in ancient Rome and Greece in Julius Caesar’s time, this historical novel vividly describes the life of a young woman finding her destiny as both a woman and a spiritual seeker.

Historical information gleaned from years of onsite researching of ancient places of worship and wonder by the author as well as descriptions of the rituals of Dionysus and other Classical deities make this book a rich immersive experience as well as a compelling story.

Rufilla Istacidia, a baby abandoned after birth by her parents and adopted by a wealthy trading family near storied Pompeii, becomes a courageous heroine worth knowing. This novel is an intimate journey through the ancient world and its cultures and religions: exceptionally beautiful four-color drawings and illustrations based on art from the classical period enhance it. This book is a work of literary art as well as a compelling story.

Sandra Hurt, the author, speaks to Indiana groups about turning an historical passion into a book.